are they soul philosophers or scientists of soul? well, you’ll have to be the judge of that! they are not just involved…they are truly five stars that make up one shining constellation that brightens the musical souls of those who are touched by their god given talent.

the legendary beyons are five outstanding brothers from portland, oregon expressing through their musical talents, peace, love for god, and happiness. four originals remaining from a high school sextet, and the addition of one fabulous brother, make up the sweet sounds of this dynamic quintet. these five young men going by the names of ira, james, jeddy, sherman, and thurtis specialize in creating sweet harmonic sounds along with smooth, precise but yet exciting choreographic movements.

after listening to this quintet blend, one knows right away that their sound is new, unique, rich, perfected and yet a distinct undiscovered sound…reaching beyond the spiritual hearts and imagination of others. the sound is that of none other than the frontier, better known as “p-town” usa…portland, oregon.

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