thurtis channel (taurus)

thurtis channelthurtis is lead vocalist for the group and occasionally sings background. he goes by the stage name of “tender loving care.” long ago, the group nicknamed him “humming bird” because he is always singing, humming, or producing something with his voice.

like his cousin jeddy, he was born in queen city, texas and at a very tender age migrated with his family to portland, oregon. having the gifted ability to do pretty much anything he desires with his voice, he started his singing career with “the delmar’s” at the age of 16.

falling under the astrological sign of taurus, he naturally blends and creates soulful harmonic sounds with all signs of the zodiacal constellation. his greatest ambition is that of first becoming a superstar recording artist followed by pursuing a career in composing, arranging, writing, and producing.

such artist as ira hammon, dionne warwick, the whispers, the delfonics, and the esquires has inspired him. knowing he has the necessities to pursue his dreams, he feels “now” is the right time!

ira hammon (virgo)

ira hammonira was born in okmulgee, oklahoma on august 28, 1951 and moved to portland, oregon at the age of 14 in 1965. he is an original member of the high school sextet – “the delmar’s” who later became “the beyons.”

he started singing in church at a very early age. with a gospel upbringing, ira explored other genres of music. he often demonstrates the ability to incorporate and deliver a unique blended note to the harmony structure that helps create the sound of “the beyons.” ira has a great ear for harmony and he accepts nothing less than perfection when it comes to getting it right!

he has done back-up vocal work for lyle lovett, michael mcdonald as well as performed in the annual gospel christmas with the portland symphony. on and off stage he is known as “bishop.” his favorite singers/groups are the temptations, old commission, williams brothers, luther vandross, and darrell cooley.

james tims (taurus)

james timsjames, better known as “the sugar bear” on stage sings second tenor, alto, and occasional lead. born in portland, oregon under the astrological sign of taurean, he lives, eats, sleeps, and thinks music.

his greatest ambition is the group realizing the dream and reaping the reward of their god given talent. becoming professional recording artist and touring worldwide is a vision that is within the reach of the group only if we believe.

the singing career of james started at an early age in church. at the age of 17, he became a member of the high school sextet known as “the delmar’s.” he believes that dedication, hard work, perfection, and some luck are the keys to the road to success.

james also writes and arranges for the group. some of his favorite artists are the whispers, the dramatics, take six, bebe winan, nancy wilson, and luther vandross.

jeddy beasley (sagittarius)

jeddy beasleyjeddy is always the voice of reason. he is very observant, thoughtful, and he keeps the rest of his comrade’s inline. he is truly the “godfather” whether it’s onstage or offstage. one of four originals remaining from high school, he sings bass, baritone, second tenor, and occasional lead for the group.

he was born in queen city, texas and at a very young age moved to portland, oregon with his family. his voice is that of different but very unique. known for his ability to create sweet harmony and graceful movement, jeddy begin his love for singing in the high school choir. he made his singing debut with “the delmar’s” at the age of 17. since then, he has consistently sung with his two cousins, in preparation for the big break!

he not only sings, but also has the ability to write, compose, and arrange. his favorite artists are the intruders, the spinners, the whispers, the delfonics, and the natural four.

sherman davis (pisces)

sherman davissherman is the youngest and newest addition to the group. the energetic and crowd pleasing sherman sings lead and second tenor. he’s a natural in entertaining and making a connection with the audience. he loves to perform!

he was born in portland, oregon under the astrological sign of pisces. sherman grew up in a family where music came naturally. at an early age while attending church, he became interested in vocals while listening to his brother, tony and sister, linda sang in the church choir.

sherman’s calling to the national scene manifested itself when at the age of 20; he became the lead vocalist for the internationally renowned group pleasure.

on stage he goes by the name of “buzz”… “flash…aka rickshaw.” his favorite producer is quincy jones and his favorite singers are marvin gaye, peabo bryson, michael jackson, and the jackson five.

donnie mcpherson (scorpio)

donnie mcphersonaffectionately known as “d-mac”, donnie mcpherson is the m.c. and choreographer of the group. he is one of the original members of “the beyons.”

over the years, donnie has been at the forefront of the groups numerous show productions and orchestrating all of the smooth, yet concise choreographic moves. he always insists that each member of the group precisely do every movement in perfect unison. donnie is a perfectionist and he always looks for the little details that will be the difference between providing the audience a good show or an outstanding show. in the group, he is a master coach that will drive you to do it right and together.

d-mac is a true-blue original oregonian. his friendship with the group spans over forty years. as a young man growing up in portland, donnie played many sports with the members of ‘the legendary beyons.”

he feels that the group is more than a singing group.

“the legendary beyons are leaders of men who just happen to sing.”

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