knauls poster

upcoming events:

- red carpet affair celebrating paul knauls 80th birthday party at the benson hotel saturday, january 22nd 2011.

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beyons past performances:

- s.e.i self enhancement inc. - annual senior citizens dinner

- opening of the max train at the portland expo center "one more night at the cotton club"

- annual mlk celebrations sponsored by the world arts foundation

- kwanza celebration at kaiser permanente town hall

- music from an evening with "the legendary beyons" - thursday june 25th, 2009. ockley green performing arts school

- 100 year centennial celebration at jefferson high school

- an elegant evening with the legendary beyons in honor of paul and geneva knauls "for a life of service"

- men's day at new hope church

- men's day at highland baptist church

- linda grahm's wedding

- kelly baxter wedding

- celebrations of god at lake oswego church

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